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Lydon with Jeff Sachs
Lydon with Jeff Sachs

Kicking the tires of globalism, also known as "globaloney," the "ism" nonetheless of our age.

A complex web of money, ideas, disease, culture, terror, hope, pollution, warfare, and conscience pulling the world together, tearing the world apart, or maybe both. There's a doctrine of global markets for Jeffrey Sachs to decipher…mobile capital and still a lot of people stuck in misery.

Globalism is also the instant-message Internet, world music and literature, connections that Zadie Smith and the architect Tay Kheng Soon will think about out loud. How is it the so-called
"world community" is coming apart around war with Iraq amid the global visions of a more functional human family?

We're talking about global trends that could kill us, or make us wiser, more human.

Guests: Jeff Sachs, Zadie Smith, Colin Channer, Tay Kheng Soon.

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