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Christopher Lydon, live in the studio
Christopher Lydon, live in the studio

From the war wreckage in the streets of the old world, we're looking for the map that gets from preemption to reconstruction. Tune in and phone in to a live call-in conversation on the future of globalization. We'll be listening for your voice, your views, your calls on the Whole Wide World next Sunday at 6 here on WGBH.

Here are some of the global questions on our minds now: Is the globalization of trade, identity and culture the wrong name for what is really the Americanization of might, right and preemptive responsibility in a world of woe?

Has neo-imperialism defeated post-colonialism and globalism? That is: has the global spirit of the
Internet, world trade, intermarriage and mixing of the gene pool, cultural hybridity, environmental responsibility and all that stuff been crushed by the force of American bombs on Baghdad, the promise of preemptive intervention elsewhere in the world, Pax Americana, and hyperpower hubris?

Or does the war in Iraq signal not the birth pangs but the death rattle of Empire: the end of the 300 year Anglophone Empire and won't the trend of global integration of everything continue after this brief commercial interruption?

Guests include:

Niall Ferguson
Author "Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British
World Order and the Lessons for Global Power."

Amy Chua
Author "World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market
Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global

Arundhati Roy
Author most recently of "War Talk."

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