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A scene from Peter Sellars "The Children of
Albert S. (foreground) and musician Ulzhan Baibussynova with Kurdish refugee children in a scene from Peter Sellars "The Children of
Photo: Ruth Walz, courtesy of Ruhr Triennale, Bottrop, Germany.

Let’s call it "Refugia", this new global nation of refugees. It’s not on any map, of course; it’s everywhere.

We're venturing into a churning stream of refugee stories we haven't heard enough... from boat people, stowaways, orphans of war, famine and politics, asylum seekers, witnesses to almost unspeakable suffering, tellers of heroic adventures-if only we'll listen.

Peter Sellars is showing us how to listen. He's the stage director who has revived an Athenian play from 25 centuries ago, maybe the oldest refugee story we have, about the banished, homeless children of Herakles. Peter Sellars' signature trick is setting classic frames around contemporary reality.

So there's a mix on his stage and our radio show: play by Euripides, fresh tales on the run from Bosnia, Haiti, China, Somalia. Underlying the old and the new is the question of kinship: who are the global refugees to us, in this free nation of immigrants.

Guests: Peter Sellars, numerous refugees

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