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Yo Yo Ma chats with Christopher Lydon
Yo Yo Ma chats with Christopher Lydon

World-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma demonstrates his own search - on Asia's ancient "Silk Road" as well as in Brazil, Argentina and Africa - for the roots of musical expression.

Yo-Yo Ma has un- and re-written the Kipling dictum of a century ago that "East is East and west is west." Yo-Yo Ma himself is proof that the twain don't just meet each other coming and going now; they intertwine each other throughout the world in people’s hearts and personal stories.

Take a musical voyage this hour with Yo-Yo Ma through the fear and unfamiliarity of the perilous moment we are all now in and discover the contradictions in our world that the vocabulary of culture and music can embrace.

Guest: Yo Yo Ma

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