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E.O. Wilson and Christopher Lydon
E.O. Wilson with Christopher Lydon

No threat is more clearly global than the fouling of the whole planet’s environment—the evidence of climate change, water shortages, a crash of species or collapse of the habitat. But these are threats and warnings—like the risk of nuclear annihilation—that we’ve learned to live with, threats we have a strong impulse to deny, or pretend to ignore.

So this hour we’re testing the force of these dangers by imagining them in your face, down your gullet, on your plate, in the food that the world eats.

What if we narrowed the environmental mission to feeding the human race now and for centuries to come? Has modern food production managed our way past a crisis of survival? Just what can you tell from your daily diet about how the old globe, and the new globalism, are doing?

Guests: Jared Diamond, Kevin Cleaver, Vandana Shiva, E.O. Wilson, Michael Pollan, Bill McKibben, and Sandra Postel

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